Valentines Day Cliche? Perhaps not –

valentine flowers sydney


Although we don’t need Valentines day to show love for one another , but  Valentines Day  is purely a reminder that hay….I love You…. 

” to love is to love unconditionally , 

the purest of love traditionally 

speaks to the heart of which is mine 

weakens the knee , and even thee spine 

one look  in your eyes 

i wonder the skies ,

to be able to love someone like you 

and sadly you don’t have a clue…..”


Pacific Recovery

As Australia’s Leading Treatment Centre, we are passionate about changing lives and healing families. That’s why every year we help the Cancer Council raise much needed funds that go towards vital cancer research, support services, prevention programs and advocacy! A huge thank you to our sponsors Mrs Jones The Baker for the delicious treats and Captains SHOP for the beautiful flowers.

A special thanks also to our amazing staff who brought in their best baked goodies and donated to this worthy cause!

Did you know

*Did you know*: Researchers have found no link between acne and chocolate. In fact, German researchers suggest that flavonoids in chocolate absorb UV light, which help protect and increase blood flow to the skin, ultimately improving its appearance!

With that said, and with Easter just past, the children at Stewart House were the lucky recipients last week of a very special Easter egg. Weighing in at *1 Okg*, the GIANT chocolate egg was donated to Stewart House by a generous member of the public – after winning it in a raffle at Captains SHOP in Freshwater.

Needless to say, this egg was very well received by all the children. Incidentally, there will be enough to go round for weeks! Our GIANT egg thanks to Mr Bruce Mackenzie and Captains SHOP.