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  • Beck’s ( Low Alcohol Beer) 330ml

    Available On Order
  • Heineken (Lager Beer) 330ml

    Available On Order
  • Peroni Nastro Azzurro (Birra Superiore) 330ml

    Available On Order
  • Stella Artois (Premium Lager Beer) 330ml

    Available On Order
  • Crown Lager 375ml

    Available On Order
  • Pure Blonde 355ml

    Available On Order
  • Amber /American Style Pale Ale / Hefeweizen / Kolsch / Stout 330ml

    Available On Order
  • Carlton Dry 355ml

    Available On Order
  • Premium Light 375ml

    Available On Order

Sydney’s most popular Liquor Home Delivery Store!

Getting heavily drunk on weekends is definitely not healthy for anyone. But moderate drinking is not too bad for health either. When you are searching for the finest liquor delivery in Sydney, Australia, you must definitely stop by Captain Shop Sydney. Although most people say liquor isn’t healthy, there are so many health benefits one cannot simply ignore. Liquor, when moderately taken, can lower every possible risk of getting any cardiovascular diseases.

A range of your favourite liquor brands delivered to your door

If you are one among many who wants to live a long healthy life, then befriend alcohol now. Taking too much alcohol is never good, but moderately taken can prolong your life. This may sound insane but it really does the trick! If you are prone to catching common cold every changing season, then you must hit a bottle of alcohol! They say liquor has the ability to prevent the common cold. With so many benefits, why would anyone dislike a glass or two of the finest drinks? If you agree, check out our store at Freshwater, Sydney.

Liquor Shop

Enjoy our superb range of alcohol and buy online or in store

When you are too lazy to go to our brick and mortar shop to buy, we make it easy for you with our online store! In fact, you can even place an online order and sit back and relax while our reliable delivery professional brings your choice of liquor brands at your doorsteps. We offer delivery services to all the residents in Sydney, Australia. We ensure that you will get nothing less than premium quality alcohol brands at Captain Shop. This shop is a place where you can get your hands on the best brand there is in the liquor industry. Contact our team of professionals if you have questions regarding how to buy alcohol, liquor from our store. Or why don’t you visit our store today to see if what we are claiming is true indeed?

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